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naoLoop Loft Your Handy Organizer

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To the layman the naoLoop Loft is nothing but a glamorized sheet of metal bended in three places; powder coated and has tension straps to hold things in place. But herein lays the difference: layman vs actual user aka me! I have been using the naoLoop Loft for the past three months and can tell you this; it sure is a handy organizer especially in a house populated with four adults and two children! Hit the jump to read my review.

Like I mentioned before, I have a huge family compared to most and we do tend to be disorganized at times. We do have our places for keeping the car keys, mails, magazines etc. but prior to the naoLoop Loft those places were scattered around the house. The one thing that this stealth organizing device has done for me is to keep the essentials in ONE PLACE. It scores brownie points for being wall mounted because this ways everything is at eye-level and slotted, so no chance of missing it.

Although naolab suggests using the naoLoop Loft it in the bathroom, kitchen or living room, I personally think it’s apt for the hallway or in the office.

What we loved about it:

* Wall Mounted.

* Sleek Finish.

* Polyester Latex Bands to hold in the goodies.

* Sturdy bubblewrap packing.

* Perfect Sizes for Binds to hold in a variety of things.

* If the binds start to sag a bit, they can be tightened at the fastening.

What can be improved:

* I needed to call in a handyman to fix organizer to the wall, folks with a drill machine at home will not have a problem.

* A little steep in Price.

* The bends in the metal takes time to adjust and sit flush with the wall.


* Dimensions: 60 cm x 30 cm.

* Materials: Laser cut Stainless Steel or Steel powder coated (white, black, and green)

* Polyester Latex Bands

* 2 nails come included in the pack

Steel Finish: €85.00 / $115

Other Colors (green, black & white ) €75.00 / $100

Designer: Naolab

naoloop2 W500 naoLoop Loft Your Handy Organizernaoloop3 W500 naoLoop Loft Your Handy Organizernaoloop4 W500 naoLoop Loft Your Handy Organizer

Via: yankodesign

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