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Versace Phone: The Remarkably Haute Couture Gadget

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versace-phone Versace Phone: The Remarkably Haute Couture Gadget

Connoisseurs of luxury would admit that there couldn’t be any gadget that is luxurious unless it came from one of the luxury houses. Thus, most of us find ourselves buying the Prada Phone or Dior Phone in order to buy the most luxurious, and not purchase something technically advanced but designed for the masses. Thus, on that note here is the Versace Phone which has just been announced, and may put Vertu on notice, as the blogger on Engadget says.

This beautiful phone comes with touchscreen communicators and the sapphire crystal screen is apparently the largest for any consumer device. The phone also comes with gold plating and high-tech ceramic construction options. The phone would be hand assembled and you could also get the Medusa-embossed leather back.

The internal parts like the 3 inch display and the 5MP camera have been put together by LG and Versace sure knows how to put its act together when it comes to luxury phones. There would also be a black version if you were looking for something more elegant. The phone sure shall cost a lot, but it is Versace Phone after all!

Source: Elite Choice

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