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The Dumbest Facebook Quizzes Ever

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What could be a bigger waste of time than Facebook games? What? Writing an article on Facebook games? Shut up. This is my job.

Sure, some Facebook games can teach us profound life lessons, like, what type of shoe are you? However, most Facebook quizzes are perhaps the biggest time-wasters and pointless activities on earth. And that’s why we do them… to slack off from work… unless of course, your work is to take these very quizzes (like mine! Suckas!)

And so, after extensive, tireless research, I now bring to you, the most pointless, mind-numbing, time-on-this-earth-wasting Facebook quizzes today! Some are just dumb concepts, while others, however, must be seen to be believed.

1.  What ethnicity are you, really? – Really? Really.

2. How Dumb are you, really? – No doubt, the definitive test.

3. How good are you in bed? – Right, because your computer will tell you in 6 simple (simple in the mentally challenged way, not the clear-cut, precise way) questions.

4. How perverted are you? – This one’s dumb because I took it and was deemed “completely un-perverted,” which is obviously false and testament to how inaccurate this quiz is.

5. The dumbest quiz you’ll eva take! – Witness, cringe, and learn. Or don’t.

dumbest quiz ull eva take 600x452 The Dumbest Facebook Quizzes Ever

6. The Dumbest Test Ever – (seriously, that’s what it’s called, and it’s not a lie)

dumbest test ever 600x481 The Dumbest Facebook Quizzes Ever

7. What kind of word would you be, if you were a word? Ah yes, you’re whole totality of the person you are will no doubt be discovered by answering these random 6 questions that have no relationship to words or each other.

8. What famous woman will you marry? You won’t. This post sucks.

9. Top 10 reasons why you are your Zodiac sign Think about it…. wait for it… wait for it….

top reasons why you are your zodiac sign The Dumbest Facebook Quizzes Ever

10. What will your daughter look like when she’s twelve? Who exactly is this post designed for? Women with severe baby fever or pedophiles?

11. What makes you special? – Are you serious? What if everyone takes this quiz? Is everyone special? Besides, look at these questions… seriously. I should probably lay off… I think the author of this quiz is about six years old. Great, now I feel bad.

12. Where is the best kissing spot? – This is stupid. We all know where the best kissing spot is. And I’ll bet its not ANY of the answers.

13. What are you hiding? – You can probably figure this out without this taking this.

14. Are you Gay? – See #13, although. Larry Craig ( Ted Haggert, Charlie Crist, and  probably half the Republican party) could use this quiz to obtain some deep self-knowldege.

15. Your Mom was here – This is probably the greatest of the dumbest!:

your mom so dumb its funny 600x508 The Dumbest Facebook Quizzes Everyour mom 2  600x483 The Dumbest Facebook Quizzes Everyour mom 3 600x462 The Dumbest Facebook Quizzes Everyour mom 4 600x130 The Dumbest Facebook Quizzes Ever

16.  What does your name mean? – This quiz has nothing to do with your name, at all.

17. Are you stupid? – No comment.

18. Are you as random as you think, and do you make yourself laugh? – Tiddly-winks. Yahtzee. Fried Yucca plant. Purple Monkey Dishwasher. Hahahahah! I am soooo random! Burp.

19. Can I trick you?

Can I trick you 1 600x527 The Dumbest Facebook Quizzes Evercan I trick you 2 600x520 The Dumbest Facebook Quizzes Ever

can I trick you 31 600x292 The Dumbest Facebook Quizzes Ever

Getting…dumber…must…stop….playing…. facebook quizzes…. brain… melting….. doooooooowvn……..

I’m going to go add Sarah Palin as a friend!

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