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The Beckhams own modern artworks worth $30 million!

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david and victoria beckham pic rex image 1 494929637 The Beckhams own modern artworks worth $30 million!

Now this couple has the money and knows how to spend it too. David Bekham’s appreciation for art isn’t limited to his collection of tattoos. He along with his wife have collected art which is holds a lot more value than that. To be precise, the value is supposed to be close to a whopping £30million! And we didn’t even know that they had amassed such a large collection. The entire collection was apparently bought over a period of eight years, and the theme that runs through is “love”. Aww..! What a ‘love’ing couple! The collection includes paintings, portraits and sculptures by artists such as Damien Hirst, Sam Taylor Wood, Tracey Emin, Banksy, and Jake and Dinos Chapman.

The art works are currently displayed at their homes in London, Milan and L.A. According one source, “Victoria is a mover and shaker in more upmarket circles nowadays and likes being a ‘collector’.”  She is also considering showcasing the artworks in museum.

The insider adds that, “David in particular is a huge patron of provocative British art. As well as purchasing works by the biggest and most famous names in the art world, he is also a keen champion of lesser known, up and coming painters.”

Via: WhiteCube , Mirror.UK

Source: Elite Choice

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