Monday, November 15, 2010

Swiss House Chien Luxe Unveils Luxury Pillows for Dogs

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luxury pillows for your dog Swiss House Chien Luxe Unveils Luxury Pillows for Dogs

The dogs always seem to have it all easy. They can bark at people without being beaten back, they can bite people and be treated medically, and also be given palatial kennels just for their existence. While dog lovers would justify the treatment given to their pets, there are many in this world that seem to think that the dogs have been given undue importance by the mankind.

The predictable animals have recently begun to be the target of luxury products launched every now and then. The latest on the block are ultra luxurious fluffy pillows from the Swiss House of Chien Luxe. The pillows are made of exclusive fabric and is easy to clean. There are several prints that are available and you could also choose the leopard skin, if your dog has a secret feline identity.

The Royal Baroque pillow is one of the most exclusive and comes with velvet brocade, high quality silk, gold Lurex threads, golden ornaments, and also turquoise velvety suede. The pillows cost between $2,700 and $6,900. There are several sizes available and you could choose the one that fits the size f your dog.

Source: Elite Choice

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