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Steve Siebold Thinks You Must Think Like a Millionaire to Become One

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gI 0 BookCover Steve Siebold Thinks You Must Think Like a Millionaire to Become One

Steve Siebold, the world renowned mental toughness expert has released a new book called “How Rich People Think”. He has put forward a very interesting premise and the way he puts it across it sounds very convincing. The key to becoming a millionaire is thinking like a millionaire. He compares 100 differences in thinking between how rich people look at money versus how the middle class looks at money.

He says that in his 26 years of professional career he has interviewed some of the richest people and he found that their attitude and outlook towards money was completely different that of a man steeped in middle class beliefs. He believes that it’s the middle-class beliefs about money that keeps them struggling to survive in a world of abundance. And the secret to becoming a millionaire isn’t in the mechanics of the money, but in the level of thinking that generates it.

Some of the basic differences in approach he points out in his book are – Middle class focuses on saving. World class focuses on earning. Also, middle class worries about running out of money. World class thinks about how to make more money. There are hundred more differences in thinking he elaborates upon in the book.

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