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sneak peek: kate schintzius

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2 kate sneak peek: kate schintzius
When associate designer for M. Design Interiors Kate Schintzius moved into this West Hollywood apartment, she was after a “Palm Beach in the ’70s” vibe. The apartment building is a Streamline Moderne Art Deco style, so it features great period details like crown moldings, curved walls and a porthole-style peephole. But Kate is a typical designer in that, by the time she’s finished with one space, she’s already itching to make changes! While she loves the Palm Beach look, she is currently toying with the idea of taking the apartment in a more masculine direction, a ’70s James Bond sort of feel — dark, dusky and moody! Would love to see what she does with that! Thanks Kate and thanks to Molly for the tip! All images by Justin Officer. — Amy A.

My thing is vintage, thrift, eBay and Craigslist shopping. I have a hard time buying new or paying retail, because I know if I keep my eyes open, I’ll find what I want at the right price and it will be much more well-built, unusual and fabulous than anything made today. Pretty much everything I have was a family piece or a good deal, with the exception of a few splurges.

Image above: This is the second dining room I’ve had that I’ve painted this high-gloss, navy blue color by Fine Paints of Europe. It’s dark and sexy but fresh at the same time. The credenza is really clever — the frame around the doors pulls out, bringing an expanding accordion support layer with it, so it becomes a pull-out table that seats two to ten people, depending on how many leaves you add (which are stored inside). My everyday table is a ’70s brass and rattan-wrapped base with a round glass-top that seats four, surrounded by those vintage S-shaped brass chairs, which are upholstered in navy blue Ultrasuede that was from the bargain bin at the fabric store. You can spill anything on it and it wipes off with a wet sponge like magic. There are also four étagère (open-sided) bookcases in this room, so the room pulls double duty as a library.

8 kate sneak peek: kate schintzius
Image above: Design, architecture, fashion and art books are my bag — I have a ton of them, so I used a stack of them here as a side table. My favorites are on vintage design and ’70s Southern California surf and skateboarding culture. Even lifestyle or biographical books include photos of people in some kind of room, so you can scope out the interiors of the era. I got these chairs for around $35 for the pair at a thrift store, and the fabric on the cushions is a vintage deep-green jungle print.

3 kate sneak peek: kate schintzius
Image above: This is the original 1930s kitchen, and while that might be a bummer to some people, I prefer the original tile with red accent liner tiles, chrome trim and wood cabinetry to today’s cookie-cutter and flimsy builder’s special materials. The kitchen is a nice, clean, classic slate, so I pimped it out with a mod fabric on the roman shade that to me looks like gas flames, so it’s a pretty literal reference to cooking. The palette in here also gives me an excuse to collect that great Le Creuset enameled cookware in the original orange (and red and taxicab yellow!). Tip: Get on the mailing list for their coupons and shop the outlet!

6 kate sneak peek: kate schintzius
Image above: Several things in this photo came with the apartment. The tree was hand painted and is inspired by a mural by French fashion designer Paul Poiret. The style of the mural is a nice counterpoint to the clean lines of the mid-century sofa. I found the lamps in Palm Springs, which were a major score — they are possibly by genius ’70s furniture designer and photographer Willy Rizzo. The coffee tables open up to reveal bars with built-in ice buckets! Sadly, the lamps do not contain storage for airplane booze bottles.

2 kate 90x90 sneak peek: kate schintzius
3 kate 90x90 sneak peek: kate schintzius
4 kate 90x90 sneak peek: kate schintzius
5 kate 90x90 sneak peek: kate schintzius
6 kate 90x90 sneak peek: kate schintzius
7 kate 90x90 sneak peek: kate schintzius
8 kate 90x90 sneak peek: kate schintzius
9 kate 90x90 sneak peek: kate schintzius
10 kate 90x90 sneak peek: kate schintzius
11 kate 90x90 sneak peek: kate schintzius
12 kate 90x90 sneak peek: kate schintzius
13 kate 90x90 sneak peek: kate schintzius

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 sneak peek: kate schintzius

 sneak peek: kate schintzius

 sneak peek: kate schintzius
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  1. lauren says:

    is there any way to find out who makes that credenza? that’s an unbelievable piece.

  2. The Art of Doing Stuff says:

    I just drooled on my keyboard. With actual spit. That’s a shockingly beautiful home.

  3. Jennifer says:

    Can you please tell us what you used to hang the necklaces on your “necklace wall?”

    Love all the color and patterns in this place…very inspiring!

  4. Cate says:

    Where did you get the pillows? They are absolutely beautiful!!

  5. marydougherty says:

    wow so inspiring. I love her use of color and it seems to flow well throughout the rooms. the bed stopped me in my tracks – gorgeous!

  6. Brigitte says:

    When I saw the first shot, I actually said “wow” out loud. Don’t think I’ve ever done that before.

  7. Vanessa says:

    Absolutely love it!!

    Is the chandelier in the first photo from Ochre?

  8. kalanicut says:

    W-O-W! I am going to have to revisit this a few times because this is phenomenal. I love all the color, the combinations. This is a home with fantastic personality. No boredom here.

  9. Kelly D says:

    Beautiful house! Is there any way of finding out who painted the colorful abstract piece in the 1st image of the post? (The dining room with blue walls!)
    Thanks a bunch!

  10. Jenny says:

    Love all the colors and fabrics! Was the kitchen roman shade a DIY? If so, any tips for how to make it look so professional?

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