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Record Sale for Guerlain Perfume Flacon at Auction for €45,600

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falcon perfume Record Sale for Guerlain Perfume Flacon at Auction for €45,600

How you smell and how you feel wearing makes an impact on your mood and your surroundings. Some might like what you are wearing and might feel attracted and others unfortunately can repel. The cologne you wear characteristically reflects your personality, behavior and means.

For the perfume lovers when you have a rare and exclusive engraved Guerlain bottle that can reflect the most intimate of desires and ambitions, it is more than obvious that it is like a realization, a vision come true. The reverie did realize to an unknown bidder, who bought the Guerlain flacon which is engraved with the house’s original address which is Rue de la Paix, for a record price of $54,500 which according to a local newspaper the record sum of €45,600.

The auction took place in the city of Arcachon which was held in the southwest of France attracting bidders from all over the place mainly from Russia, India and China, who called in via telephone.
The auction held in the city of Arcachon, in the southwest of France was initially expecting to fetch around €20,000 to €30,000 for the Guerlin flacon. The French fragrance expert Bernard Gangler who als said that there was another less known perfume flacon which is Depinoix by Julien Viard from the year1920 that broke a world record attracting around €32,400.

At least 80 percent of the bidders for the Guerlian flacon which involved almost more than 250 perfume bottles under the hammer and they were French according to the auctioneers. Smell good and feel right is the motives behind the bidding but it does not stop to that it is about the brand itself, the originality.


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