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MORPHotel: A floating shape-changing luxury hotel

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morphotel tmEgM 48 MORPHotel: A floating shape changing luxury hotel

Conceptualized by Gianluca Santosuosso, the MORPHotel is a unique project that intends to develop a new luxury hotel concept where the user can live inside a floating system that keeps moving around the world. The MORPHotel is able to adapt its shape to the weather conditions and the site morphology, thanks to the linear structure developed around the vertebral spine. The MORPHotels concept has been thought of around the four main strategies listed below.

• Space in between: The main idea is to exploit the sea not only as a medium to move people from one point to another, but also to discover unknown places.

• Plug-in City-Arbour: During its continuous movement, this artificial organism will stop for short or long periods in different cities, thereby becoming a temporary extension of them.

• Adaptive shape.

• Floating movement.

The MORPHotel, unlike a cruise ship, moves quite slowly and instead of moving from point A to B, it goes on an endless voyage. The yellow geometries represent the main part of the hotel, the public spaces and the services. The dark blue is a module of the spine that allows the hotel to change shape. The light blue triangle shows the static rooms. The gray triangles represent the most luxurious rooms that are free to move around the floating hotel in a predefined range.

 MORPHotel: A floating shape changing luxury hotel

 MORPHotel: A floating shape changing luxury hotel

 MORPHotel: A floating shape changing luxury hotel
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