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Mondaine Valjoux 101 Chronograph Limited Edition Watch

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Mondaine Valjoux 101 Watch

As popular as the classic Mondaine design is, for some reason, I don’t think they have released a mechanical chronograph watch until now. It is true that most of the Official Swiss Railways watches have Swiss quartz movements inside, but recently Mondaine as been stepping it up a notch with mechanical movements. For 2010, they will release the Mondaine Valjoux 101 – limited to 101 pieces. The “101″ number is the number of years ago that a legendary locomotive car was built for the Swiss Railways (back in 1909). The watch contains a Valjoux 7750 automatic chronograph movement – which the name of the watch is clearly defined.

Mondaine places the Valjoux 101 watch in a 42mm wide steel case with a sapphire crystal front and back (for a view of the movement). As a collector’s piece, the watch is excellent being popular as an iconic looking Mondaine timepiece, and for finally being just such a model with the highly popular Valjoux 7750 movement. The inclusion of the chronograph enhances the look of the ubiquitously known timepiece. It is still pure function and legibility with a side effect of being good looking. The watch crown has red lacquer applied with a white “M” for Mondaine logo. It comes on a simple black leather strap and makes for a great looking Mondaine that will satisfy watch lovers and brand fans alike. Price is reasonable at 2,500 Swiss Francs, but with just 101 pieces, these Valjoux 101 watches are going to be hard to get.

By Ariel Adams

 Mondaine Valjoux 101 Chronograph Limited Edition Watch  Mondaine Valjoux 101 Chronograph Limited Edition Watch

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