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Le Vian Jewelers Release Their 2011 Jewelry Trend Forecast

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Le Vian Le Vian Jewelers Release Their 2011 Jewelry Trend Forecast

To anticipate the trend is very important for the fashion industry. You will be considered a guru if you can predict trends before they happen. Le Vian Jewelers who became famous for their chocolate diamonds and have made a name for themselves in the fashion industry are sharing predictions for the next year in their 2011 Jewelry Trend Forecast. Their knowledge about the industry makes them capable of anticipating the right trends. Hence their forecasts are taken seriously by other players of the industry.

The list they have released about the possible trends next year includes predictable staples like earth tones and sheer metallic along with snakes, equestrian, and wild animal themes. They are also betting on shades of blue, pink and purple being the popular gemstone colors over the next one year.

They go on to describe in greater detail the style and material that is expected to be popular in the jewelry industry. They have voted in favor of blackened silver and carved gems which is finding support from more experts in the industry. It is interactive and they would welcome inputs from informed readers who have an opinion on the matter. Do look at the trends and have your say.

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