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Joan Hornig Makes Buying Jewelry an Act of Giving Back to Society

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joanhornig jewelry1 Joan Hornig Makes Buying Jewelry an Act of Giving Back to Society

Combining jewelry with charity is not a simple or an obvious concept. They are two very diverse streams but Joan Hornig has brought them together. She has always been interested in beauty, individuality and philanthropy. And the beauty of her Joan Hornig line is that it lets everyone get involved. If you buy a piece of Joan Hornig’s unique jewelry then 100% of the profits will be donated to your charity of choice.

Joan Hornig has a long list of charities on her panel that benefit from her beautifully designed jewelry. Since 2003 she has been consistently growing the number of charities on that list. When you purchase a piece from her collection, not only do you get to experience the beauty of a unique piece of jewelry, you also get to experience the beauty of giving back.

Joan is very focused on the designing aspect of her collection. Each piece is uniquely designed to make a statement, whether it is a necklace, bracelet, earrings, rings or any of the sundries offered. She has even developed a Silver Lining collection for those who prefer silver to gold. Over the years Joan has earned quite a celebrity following and her pieces can now be seen on the red carpets of major glamorous events.


Source: Elite Choice

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