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Interior Design Trends: Yellow + Brown

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Autumn has finally kicked in. The days are growing shorter and shorter, and the cool crisp air is creeping in. This is such a beautiful time of year. I love watching the leaves change during this time. The colors that stand out most to me are the golden yellows and browns. Well, that goes for red and orange too, but today’s colors are brown and yellow. While these colors can add the perfect touch be careful not to over utilize them, as then it might appear you’ve gotten yourself stuck in a time warp back to the 70′s, of course if that’s what you’re going for then to each his own. To avoid the time warp, stick more with the yellow, as it seems in the battle of color it has won in popularity leaving brown best used with a few wooden pieces or leather chairs in a dark library or den. I hope that you enjoy some of these accessories.

yb Interior Design Trends: Yellow + Brown

leaf plate | stool | dinnerware | vase | glasses | pillow

yb rms Interior Design Trends: Yellow + Brown
room 1 & 2

369023 Palomino Pony Interior Design Trends: Yellow + Brown 1042301 yellow brown Interior Design Trends: Yellow + Brown

941757 Brown Yellow Interior Design Trends: Yellow + Brown 198980 Autumnal Tapestry Interior Design Trends: Yellow + Brown

897145 Textile 1 Interior Design Trends: Yellow + Brown 573354 yellow brown Interior Design Trends: Yellow + Brown

 Interior Design Trends: Yellow + Brown
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