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Helicopter from the Cold War Era on Sale

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bo105 600x399 Helicopter from the Cold War Era on Sale

If you are either a cold war buff or a helicopter buff, you would find the standard-setting Bo 105 way back from 1978 quite interesting. I will honestly say that this is a good piece of machinery and has a bit of a history too. This twin-engine, multi-purpose classic is currently in the possession of the good people at the 360-Aviation in South Africa. Built by MBB, or Messerschmitt-Bölkow-Blohm, this helicopter later on became a part of Eurocopter, and then passed on to the European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company.

The first batch of helicopters of this model was built in the 60s. It then became very popular in Chile, Albania, Germany, the Netherlands, Mexico, Sweden, Colombia, and many more other nations. Though it is actually a military grade helicopter, it even entered the civilian market, calling itself as the very first light twin-engine commercial helicopter.

More than 1500 helicopters of this modal were built during a period of three decades. That is evidence enough to show its great make and the resultant popularity. This one will come fully loaded for around $800k. You can even ask them to paint it according to your taste. You can imagine yourself being a cold war spy flying on this.

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