Thursday, November 4, 2010

Graphic Design And The Web

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As a graphic design company one is constantly facing the challenges presented by Google. Does one actually present graphic design concepts that would appeal to the public, the end user, or even designs that will appeal to the board of directors or does one present designs that conform to all the rules as stipulated by Google and the many many search engine specialist companies that are proliferating the market place.

These SEO companies will outline a list of strict guidelines that graphic design companies must abide by when cretaing a website. These rules might in fact restrict design and limit the licence to be creative and the end result for a website might not be as aesthetic as one would like.

By conforming to Googles rules and designing websites that are extremely search engine friendly, graphic design companies have produced websites that are all similar in design and that are similar in layout. It has led to a conformity in design which has almost homogenised the look and feel of websites that are out there in the market place and the website that are online.

Graphic designers need to be aware of the shift in design and find the happy medium between designing for the client and designing for Google. Obviously you have to be on b rief with the design but graphic designers must be honest with their clients and relate to them the pitfalls of not keeping SEO in mind  when designing a website for any business or and small comapny.

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