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Footprint Table Inspired from the Beach

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Footprint table Footprint Table Inspired from the Beach

We have seen a lot of innovation when it comes to home furniture and accessories by Foot print table from Journeyman Furniture is one of its kind. The outer part of the table has footprints contoured into it and the same thing is also carved out of the underside as well. This gives the viewer an impression that that somebody actually walked on the table resulting in its surface being pushed through.

Since wood cannot be heated or molded into shapes, this furniture design gives an impression of something that can never happen naturally. The furniture is an excellent concoction of hand crafted skill and state of art technology. This technology can be extended to toss out a range of customized and personalized furniture and interiors.

Designed by Nicholas Langan, the furniture is available for a price of £3,950 from the retail shelves of Journeyman Furniture. The Oak colored table measures 1195 L X 695 W X 420 H and has been inspired by the beach.

Via: DesignPotter

Source: Elite Choice

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