Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Elite Estate: One Hyde Park Penthouse in London Sold for $222 Million

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Hype Park Penthouse1 Elite Estate: One Hyde Park Penthouse in London Sold for $222 Million

Unless it is for a distress sale, the soaring property prices in pivotal cities makes you question if the global meltdown still exists. The sale of One Hyde Park Penthouse in London for a whooping £140 million could be indicative of the fact the property market is springing up back to life.

The opulent residential space at One Hyde Park, Knightsbridge consists of two floors, six bedrooms, a panic room and area that overlooks across the majestic Serpentine. The house has bullet-proof windows to ensure safety for its privileged occupants from outside threats. Also the owners will have ccess to 24-hour room service from the neighbouring Mandarin Oriental hotel, and protection from SAS-trained security guards.

The price of £140 million i.e around $222 million has bagged the title of most expensive property in Britain. Previously it was the sale of exclusive 8 St James’s Square development in Westminster in 2008 for £115 million that remained at the peak of all real estate deals.

Via: Telegraph

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Source: Elite Choice

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