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Design Q’s latest Avro Business Jet is a flying limousine

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abj fusion 1
We have earlier told you about Design Q’s futuristic aircraft designs, including the Avro Business Jet Explorer One and Explorer Four concepts out of a series of five concepts for BAE Systems Regional Aircraft. The ABJ Fusion is the third of five innovative and exciting interiors commissioned by BAE Systems. The ABJ Fusion is the new luxury charter travel concept that is aimed at the sports teams, musicians, celebrities and corporate VIPs. The luxury jet features mood-lit cabins with entertainment features galore for an exclusive travel experience that encourages passengers to socialize during the flight and enjoy the Fusion lifestyle literally. The luxury jet features a unique interior layout with wide cabins incorporating separate lounges to suit individual tastes. The interior can seat 19 passengers within the three lounges. The mood lighting system allows each lounge to be lit independently with a chameleon-like ability to change character. A bar and intimate seating area is located halfway down the aircraft underneath the wing box. The air stairs at the front and rear of the aircraft reduces the need for ground support. The forward lounge has a 50” HD television monitor mounted on an offset and angled bulkhead providing a bold visual focal point that can be seen from halfway down the aircraft. A discrete library is also incorporated into the forward lounge.

abj fusion
The remaining two Avro Business Jets will be unveiled later this year and early in 2011.

Via: Flight Global/BAE Systems/DesignQ

 Design Q’s latest Avro Business Jet is a flying limousine

 Design Q’s latest Avro Business Jet is a flying limousine

 Design Q’s latest Avro Business Jet is a flying limousine
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