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Corum Unveils Exclusive and Limited Billionaire Tourbillion Watches

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corum billionaire watch Corum Unveils Exclusive and Limited Billionaire Tourbillion Watches

Rich are getting richer; millionaires are adding wealth to turn into billionaires and to make that distinction they need new exclusive accessories to flaunt that kind of wealth.  For such billionaires Corum has unveiled exclusive and limited Corum Romvlvs billionaire tourbillion watches.  Corum Romvlvs collection of watches has already made a mark in the luxury world, though this watch design is derived from the same collection what differs is the amount of precious stones used in the watch.

It is very difficult to design exclusive luxury accessory like a watch because there is only limited casing and dial space that can be used to add jewels. But Corum has created a new luxury benchmark by creating ‘billionaire’ tourbillion watches. The entire watch case is studded with some 164 diamonds, bezel has another 44. Tourbillion movement uses plates made out of sapphire crystal and the entire watch is set in 45mm wide 18k white gold case.

Corum has created only five such watches and one can be sure there will be more than five billionaires wanting to flaunt it in their collection of riches. Unfortunately price is not known…any guesses?

Source: Elite Choice

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