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Car Being Developed By Steve Fossett To Set a Land Speed Record Up For Sale

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fossett land speed car Car Being Developed By Steve Fossett To Set a Land Speed Record Up For Sale

Just for starters I should let you know that Steve Fosset is the man who was developing this car to create the fastest land-speed record. This car is a member of the group of supersonic vehicles. You might have seen some such cars on TV that kinda look like a plane on the ground. Now moving on let me tell you that this car is on sale now. All you need now is a whole lot of cash, $3 million to be precise.

The original car, “Target 800 MPH” was bought by Fossett in 2006. He and his crew started modifying it, but unfortunately Fossett died in a plane crash in 2007 and the project had to be abandoned. But the car is now entirely rebuilt and is all geared up to break that land speed record that Fossett intended it for.

With the car, the new owner will get the General Electric J-79 turbojet engine that boasts of 18,400 pounds of thrust with afterburner, the entire workshop, several drawings of the car, spares, tools, jigs and also the truck required to haul Target 800 MPH to the dry lake bed of your choice. I can just imagine the new owner going “I feel the need, the need for speed!” Top Gun?

Via: Wired , Project100

Source: Elite Choice

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