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Beach Club Program of Hotel Casa del Mar

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If you are in Southern California you must have been faced with a hot weekend. Everyone there has been heading for the beach. The result is that you simply become a part of a growing crowd and are unable to enjoy the weekend or the beach. Hotel Casa Del Mar in Santa Monica has a solution on offer that gives you access to exclusive amenities and services that can make your weekend memorable and enjoyable.

The Hotel in Santa Monica has created a beach club membership program that offers exclusive benefits, priority access and preferred amenities to members. The annual membership fees for Club Casa del Mar members is $2,500 and it entitles him to pool access, fitness centre access, free parking, preferred seating in the lobby lounge and Catch restaurant.

There are several other benefits for the members of the Club Casa del Mar. They are entitled to a 25% discount on all spa services. They also get a complimentary one night stay in the penthouse every year. The annual benefits also include a one time facial treatment, two free massages every year, two free yoga sessions or two sessions with a personal trainer. If you are a member you can participate once in a Thai ritual also.

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