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Archiquarium by Swedish designer Karl-Oskar Ankarberg for Trendy Goldfish

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archiquarium Archiquarium by Swedish designer Karl Oskar Ankarberg for Trendy Goldfish

You cannot touch and play with the fish like you do with your four legged furry pets. Perhaps that is why the fish don’t get the status of a favorite pet. Even the aquariums that are normally available don’t do much to elevate the status of the humble fish. Swedish designer Karl-Oskar Ankarberg has taken on the plight of the fish, designing an attractive split-level home called the Archiquarium. If you compare them to a normal aquarium then they definitely qualify as a luxury home for the fish.

Ankarberg makes the upper level of his “modern living for trendy goldfish” out of white Corian with black Corian for the ground floor, resulting in exceptionally-crafted aquatic digs suitable in almost any home or office. It is not just trendy and modern but luxurious as well with provision for natural light and windows for optimum viewing.

Both the upper and lower levels have panoramic windows so the fish can be viewed as they travel around, swimming freely between the floors. Two more windows at the rear and side of the tank, along with a big skylight installed in the lower level offer optimum viewing pleasure. It will be unveiled during Stockholm’s home fair Hem 2010 and made available for sale thereafter.

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