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A TV that turns into a mirror when turned off!

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media decor aqua vanity series mirror tv jmlX2 48 A TV that turns into a mirror when turned off!

I bring to you a pretty awesome TV that will surely impress your guests. And the company that brings to you this cool new piece of technology is Media Decor that has been offering elegant solutions to hide your TV, for some time now. This time they have come up with Aqua Series Mirror TVs. It has two new TV mirror models that can be installed in your bathrooms. Seems a bit opulent to me, but some people cant stay away from their TVs.

Named Aqua Vanity Series and Aqua Décor Series, both of them are frameless mirror TVs. They come with eight different frame options and can be fixed up in your bathrooms. They have a built in, ultra-thin 19 inch flat screen LED TV. Thanks to a special humidity resistant coating, you wont have to worry about damage to the TV in the bathroom. When the TV is not turned on, all you see is a dark mirror. You can choose from Brushed Edge German Silver, Satin Pewter, Brushed Satin Black and Florentine Gold for the frame. You can also get wooden frame options like Honey Pecan, Natural, Dark Walnut and White-washed.

They start at $995 depending on the choice of frame. It would surely be pretty cool to have one of these. If you are interested then you can get them on Media decor’s web store.

Source: Elite Choice

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