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A polo shirt made of porcelain shards!

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porcelain-polo-shirt-1 A polo shirt made of porcelain shards!

A polo shirt made of broken china? When I first heard about it, I was like, is this for real? But it is real my friend. This is a new feat in the world of apparel design, where everyone is in a race to make the most unique clothing with the most unique material. Last I heard, it was metals such as gold and platinum. But now a man in China, Li Xiaofeng, has designed wearable costumes, made from broken porcelain!

He started out as a muralist, and eventually decided to make something that the world has not seen before. Well he sure was successful! Lacoste took a fancy to his innovative idea, and asked him to create a polo shirt for the company’s 2010 holiday Collector’s Series, using this same concept. Li makes these costumes by first cleaning the porcelain pieces, and then drilling holes into them and finally binding them together with a silver wire.

This unique shirt is apparently the most expensive polo shirt made by Lacoste till date. For this shirt, he created his own porcelain bowls, broke them and then made beautiful motifs on them, including the Lacoste logo. The weight is a problem, and it is as heavy as an armour. I am pretty sure this is not the next big trend in fashion.

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Source: Elite Choice

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