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A Bright New Idea: A Shelf That Can Hang Your Bike!

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photo bikerack wide hdr A Bright New Idea: A Shelf That Can Hang Your Bike!

Now here is a guy who used his head for the right things. We all have had bikes in our life. When you have a larger space to live in then keeping this bike inside your house is not such a big issue, but when you live in small spaces then it does. It makes the whole place look cluttered and seems like its coming in the way.

But the very bright and apparently handy guy at KnifeAndSaw decided to make a shelf for it! Yes you heard it right. Like we all ( well atleast most of those who are a bit organised) keep their stuff on shelves to keep things looking uncluttered, this guy has also designed the Bike Shelf. As you can very well see in the picture, the idea seems pretty simple but ingenious. It looks like normal shelf but has a space in between to hang your bike from it.

photo bikerack cu books A Bright New Idea: A Shelf That Can Hang Your Bike!

You can use it to store things other than you bike also. Infact it can also look like a piece of modern art in your home if you are just putting the bike on the shelf for show. It is made from solid wood is suspended by a solid steel square rod mount. The walnut model comes for $300 and the Ash one for $270. For further queries please check out their website.

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Source: Elite Choice

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