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A Brief Look Into Today’s Designer Clothing Influences

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The designer fashion industry is a complex and often perplexing sector of the clothing industry with many ties to household names, A-list celebrities, designer mogul’s and other less know figures that influence the very basis and essence of the collections and ranges produced in said industry.

The thing that has always struck me about the clothing sector is the subtle repetition of styles that seem to happen every other decade or so. What I mean by this is sometimes clothing from one era directly influences some of the latter that follow it. For example, who amongst you remembers the 50′s? Not many of you I’ll wager but that doesn’t stop some of the clothing designs, like the dresses for example, from making a firm appearance in the higher end of the fashion market.

We all often say “hey remember when we had a pair of those” or ” I used to wear x  or y” to go out in, normally when a younger family member or friend is showing off a new season designer must have.

There are some clothing brands that have broken away from this endless cycle and who try to push the boundaries when it comes to their clothing. In my experience this is normally found in the more mid to high end of the designer industry as not only are the clothes and products more accessible to the general public but these producers seem to try harder to attract new customers as they are all in immense competition with each other.

I suppose it is also partly down to the fact that social, musical, sexual and many other personal influences and choices have become so changed from how they where in the past. With the invention of modern communications devices and social networking software it has become far easier to be influenced by the cultures of other countries, something that many clothing designer will have to take into account.

One of the designer clothing companies I’ve had my eye on for some time now is the henleys clothing company based in the UK. They have risen from a small shirt producing company into one of the most recognised designer brands on the high-street and internet influencing a wide spectrum of the general publics from all walks of life.

It is quite hard not to walk down a busy high street in any UK city and not see many henleys logo’s on designer t shirts, the back of jeans, on hooded sweat shirts or even on henleys jackets. Such is the extent of this designer clothing brand’s reach that it would not surprise me in the least to find it in many other cities all over the world today.

Perhaps today’s mid-high end designers such as henleys will become the futures high end fashion producers as they evolve and experiment with new fabrics, techniques, styles and other aspects of the clothing they produce.

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