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A Swell Rockin Lounger

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So you’ve got one big wooden plate, right? What are you gonna do with it? Make an ashtray? No. That’s a terrible idea. Instead, I’ve got basically the best idea. Actually it was Marietta Moraweg who had the idea, then totally designed it and had it executed. It’s got so many parallel cuts in it, you’re going to be lounging for basically forever. All summer long, anyway, I bet. And from where I’m posting, that’s kinda starting basically right now, it’s springtime. Time to rock.

Combining the crafts of the future and the past! Traditional wood bending craft combined with modern CAD laser technology. You could put it in your garden and/or terrace.

Rock it.

Plywood, 155×62×50 cm

Designer: Marietta Moraweg

lagen01 W500 A Swell Rockin Loungerlagen02 W500 A Swell Rockin Lounger

via: yankodesign

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